It’s time to water your yard!

According to the National Weather Service, there has been no precipitation in the Grand Junction area since the first of the year.  That means your trees, shrubs and perennials are getting very thirsty and need to be watered.  I know you’re thinking I’m crazy – winter watering?  You may have never done this before especially if you have moved here recently from another part of the country.  But its essential to keep your plants from drying out and developing scorch this summer.  This is especially important for the plants you added to your landscape last year because their roots are not developed enough to keep the plant adequately hydrated.

CSU Extension has a great fact sheet on this subject and I highly recommend downloading it.  The web address is  

You should water your yard every 4-6 weeks during the winter months if there is not enough rain or snow.  Your plants will thank you in July.

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