And the winner is……….

Over the winter, I was pondering what to plant in the large empty spot where the overgrown Fitzer type juniper lived for years and years.

This spot is between a Sunburst Honeylocust on the left and an Autumn Purple Ash on the right.  It will receive sun most of the day and receive regular watering.

At first, I had my heart set on a Bridal Wreath spirea with its long arching branches filled with beautiful white flowers.  It would have all the space it needed to grow as big as it wanted and add some drama to the space.

Then I found the shrub that would do so much more than that.  Let’s consider the attributes of the beautiful, yet somewhat rare in our town, Black Lace Elderberry.  Dramatic maroon foliage, sparkling pink flowers that turn into lucious black edible berries and red fall foliage.

This beauty will grow 8-10′ tall and wide, provide contrast to all of the other plants in this bed and food for the birds and myself.  I hope I am able to find this locally.  If anyone sees one, please call me right away.  If need be, I’ll order one from the internet but I would like to start with a #5 pot if possible.  Does anyone have experience growing this shrub?  The descriptions online often refer to it as the Japanese Maple of the north and it will grow in the most difficult places.  My yard is not that difficult but the intense summer sunlight might scorch it.

Wish me luck and pictures will come when I get her in the ground.  I think we will have to give her a special name.  Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “And the winner is……….

  1. Susan

    Kathy – We used to carry this at Palisade Greenhouse in #5. They were beautiful. Very stunning foliage and nice flowers. Unfortunately, with the down turn in the new housing market we discontinued ALL of our shrubs last year. The sales people all thought it was a big mistake and, well, this year apparently the management team agreed. We are bringing back limited number of popular shrubs this year. Let me check and see if this will be one of them. Let me check and see before you order from out of state.


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