Lovely as the Month of May

One of the main objectives of my garden designs is to have something in bloom or have great foliage and structure in the garden all year long.  It’s easier to do than you might think.  When choosing plants, whether its a tree, shrub or perennial, think of how its going to look all year long.

Trees can have great shape or structure, interesting bark patterns, flowers, berries or fall color!  They should be the backbone of your landscape.  Choose them carefully because they are not only an investment in money but more importantly time.  It takes 5-6 years for most trees to achieve their final shape and many years more to reach their full size.  Trees that are making a splash right now in Western Colorado are Eastern Red buds, crab apples of all varieties and flowering plums to name a few.  Next up will be the hawthorns and horsechestnuts.

Shrubs are showing off their color now as well.  Lovely lilacs, viburnums and daphnes are in full bloom and filling the air with their sweet scents.  Soon the roses, brooms, lavenders and spireas will light up the landscape.  Summer blooming rose of sharon, blue mist spirea and russian sage will take you right into September.   
So the next time you’re at the local garden center looking for interesting plants choose something that will fill a “slow interest” time in your garden.  You’ll be glad you did.   

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