Mixed Border Ideas

I am a big fan of mixed borders in our landscapes.  They offer so much variety and texture and have interest year round if you plant it right.  Its very simple to achieve this look in your yard.  
I have ‘Emerald Green’ arborvitea and ‘Onodaga’ viburnum as the background shrubs.  The viburnum is in bloom right now.  It has flat headed flower heads with pink flowers in the middle and white flowers that float around the middle like little stars.  In front of the arborvitea are zebra iris’ and english lavender l. angustifolia ‘Royal Velvet’.  As a ground cover, I am using ajuga which will start blooming in a week or so.  The foliage from the iris and ajuga are still beautiful even after they are done blooming.  The lavender will bloom from mid June through September.  I also have yellow chrysanthemums for fall color. 
When creating your mixed borders, think about season long interest, varying heights and bloom times, and compatible water and sun needs.  I’ll be posting more pictures of these ideas as they come into bloom in my yard.   

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