Monthly Archives: September 2011

Fall is a Gardeners Paradise

My backyard on first day of Fall 2011.

Summer has left the building!  Sure doesn’t seem that way with the warm temperatures we’ve been having.  Today the high is 90!  Avg high temp should be 75.  Much more comfortable.  Fall is the most wonderful time of the year here in Western Colorado.  Dry and warm, lots of fall colors, lots of time to plant those bargains you found at the garden centers.  Fall is a great time to plant.  We don’t usually get a hard freeze until after Thanksgiving in Grand Junction and the ground doesn’t freeze until mid December.  That’s plenty of time for the roots of your newly planted trees, shrubs and perennials to establish themselves. I try to get my planting done by the end of October to be safe.

Which reminds me, when you’re looking for great plant bargains remember to stop by the CSU Extension’s Master Gardener Tree Auction and Sale.  It is down at the Mesa County Fairgrounds behind the Extension building.  Starts at 9am til early afternoon or whenever all of the trees have been sold.  There will be a great selection of trees, shrubs and perennials and lots of Master Gardeners on hand to answer any questions.  All proceeds benefit the Master Gardener scholarship fund.

What is blooming in your garden?  Here’s what’s blooming in mine – agastache, lavender, sedum, prairie zinnias, hot pink salvias, Knock Out roses, plumbago, rubdeckia and gallardia.  The herbs, tomatoes and onions are looking great.  The artemesia is big and fluffy and the Autumn Purple Ash is starting to turn to a deep burgundy color.

Next time I’ll show you the huge planter box I built this summer.  Have a great day!

Amy’s Pots

I love to create beautiful pots for season long color and interest.  This summer I had a chance to plant 3 large pots for my client Amy.

At this point, the possibilities are endless.  To compliment the green pots and neutral background, we chose rich colors like burgundy, orange and purple.  The plants we chose included grasses, herbs, annuals, and trailing vines.  Purple fountain grass, dracena spikes, verbena, rosemary, chives, sage, sweet potato vine, scaveloa, fuschia, coleus and begonias to name a few.

We filled the pots with good quality potting soil and sprinkled slow release fertilizer Osmocote throughout 
the top few inches of soil.  We pre-placed the plants to see exactly where they should go.  Each pot had
 its own drip irrigation tubing to ensure proper watering. 
The result is three beautiful, lush pots that are filled with color, fragrance and texture.  These pots will continue to look good until our first hard frost sometime in October.  
Aren’t these amazing?  With about $100 worth of plants and materials and a few hours work, Amy has a long lasting focal point to her front entry.  By adding the herbs, she also has a good supply all summer long. 
When you’re ready to create beautiful pots, remember the formula – thrill, fill and spill.  Have fun!