Monthly Archives: March 2012

Got Curb Appeal?

Is your house on the market?  Is the outside of your home as “Market Ready” as the inside?  There are many shows on TV these days that show you how to “stage” your home for a quick sale.  Their mantra is remove the clutter, make every room look inviting yet not too personal, and clean, clean clean!

These ideas are even more important on the outside of your home.  Remember the old adage –  You only make a first impression once.  The exterior of your home and landscape are the first things buyers and Realtors will see.  If the landscaping is out of control or the exterior looks shabby and dirty, they will assume the inside is the same.

If you learn how to stage the outside of your home, you can:
           Increase the number of showings
           Eliminate price reductions
           Get top dollar for your home
           Close quicker with less conditions

Did you know most curb appeal make-overs cost much less than the average price reduction? With my experience in the real estate market and garden coaching, I can help you get to the closing table faster and with more money in your pocket.

We’ll go beyond clean windows, fresh paint and no toys in the front yard.  In this competitive real estate market, every day costs you money.  Let’s work together to get your home noticed, market ready and SOLD!