Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Hummers are Here!

Thursday evening I saw the first hummingbird of the season buzzing around my yard.  I should say I heard the sweet little bird.  I did not actually see it until yesterday afternoon.  She was pulling spider webs off of an evergreen shrub.  I imagine she is starting to make a nest with this silky material.

I put out my feeder because there is very little to choose from in the way of tubular blooms for these little guys right now.  My Ft. McNair red horsechestnut is starting to form is massive reddish-orange blooms but probably won’t be in full color for another couple of weeks.

So, bird lovers of Western Colorado, clean out those feeders and hang them all around your yard.  Our little hummers are back for the season to enchant us with their magical ways.  Now if I could only keep those darn wasps and yellow jackets away from their feeders!  Any suggestions?