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Plant Select Videos

Plant Select logo black Plant Select has released three short videos showcasing the plants that have been chosen over the years to receive the coveted Plant Select designation.  If you are looking for plants that are adapted to our harsh climate, bring visual interest and beauty to your landscape, take a moment to watch these videos.  I have long been a supporter of the Plant Select program as a garden designer because they find, trial and market plants that really work hard in our gardens.   Gardening in Colorado can be very challenging and the plants we grew up with back east or down south just don’t thrive at our altitude and intense sunlight.  These plants really give you the most bang for your buck.  When your landscaping dollars are tight, its comforting to know there are some fool-proof, tough-as-nails choices out there.  The videos have been separated into three categories:  

Plant Select groundcovers

Plant Select perennials

Plant Select Grasses, Vines, Shrubs and Trees

If you want to see these plants in person, many of them are planted at the CSU Extension Tri-River office in Grand Junction.  The office and gardens are located on Hwy 50 at the Mesa County Fairgrounds, in Orchard Mesa across from the City Market shopping center.  

Pockets of Greatness

Mojave Sage underplanted with Prairie Zinnia in my garden









Agastache blooms in October.

Agastache blooms in October.


Local garden centers like Bookcliff Gardens, Valley Grown, Meadowlark Gardens and Chelsea Nursery also carry a wide variety of Plant Select plants.