About Garden Scentsations

Garden Coaching, consulting and design services

Garden Scentsations is a landscape design and coaching business specializing in Rocky Mountain water wise gardening solutions. I help people become better gardeners through hands on demonstrations and sustainable design.

I started Garden Scentsations in 2006 after seeing a need to help homeowners take control of their own landscapes and gardens.  Since joining the CSU Extension master gardener program in 2001, I frequently went on “house calls”, visiting homeowners at their request and diagnosing the problems they encountered in their landscape.   Many times, they just needed advice about how to maintain their landscape or information on what plants grew best in our high desert climate.

I can help with:

  • plant, insect and disease identification
  • proper landscape maintenance techniques such as pruning trees and shrubs
  • proper irrigation methods
  • fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide information
  • proper planting techniques
  • lavender farm consulting

Consultation vs Coaching

So I start my process with a home visit.  We walk around the yard and talk about what is working, what is not working, what are the needs and uses of the landscape etc.  This consultation results in a plan to bring the clients’ landscape to a level that meets everyone’s needs.  Maybe its just a consultation or maybe its a landscape design.  Sometimes just a corner or small area needs improvement.  Sometimes the entire yard needs a do-over  🙂


Before – no curb appeal


After – big curb appeal

With my design in their hands, these clients did all of the work installing the plants and creating the planting beds.  I helped by taking them shopping at a local garden center to help them choose healthy, appropriate plants.  This small change increased their curb appeal and their house sold quickly at a very good price.

It’s all about choices

So whether you are a novice gardener or a veteran of the dirt, if you need advice on how to make your garden thrive in our harsh climate or could use some direction on plant choices, call me.  I can help with plant identification and maintenance.  I can create a landscape design suited to your needs and landscape.

If you want my design professionally installed, I recommend T & S Curbing and Landscape (http://everythinglandscapes.com ).  We have been working together since 2013 on projects large and small across the Grand Valley. They can install every aspect of my landscape design from irrigation, drainage, grading, retaining walls, fencing, rock mulch, plant placement, etc.

Or, you can take my design and run with it.  Or any combination of the two.  Because after all, it’s all about choices.

Thank you,

Kathy Kimbrough, owner



2 thoughts on “About Garden Scentsations

  1. Dave & Dorothy Throop

    Hi Kathy,
    My wife and I are new to the area and would like to buy two hours of your time to educate ourselves and
    talk about a lot we are interested in.
    We are working with Brent Purett as our builder and were referred to you through T&S Landscaping.
    We would like to meet at 2347 Promontory Ct.

    (907) 460-1314 dthroop@gci.net

    We would appreciate a call any time.

    Dave & Dorothy

    1. kathywp Post author

      Hi Dave and Dorothy,
      It was good talking to you. I will meet you at your lot on Saturday February 11th at 1:30pm.
      Enjoy the rest of your day.
      Kathy Kimbrough


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