March 22, 2012
Garden Scentsations owner, Kathy Kimbrough, is a fantastic garden coach and a gifted landscape designer.  Kathy has designed a variety of landscape features for us.   We began by discussing our plans for current and future projects and then mapped them out in phases to be implemented over several years.    When we were ready to begin the first phase, Kathy did some of the planting for us and guided us through the rest so that we would be able to do much of the future plantings on our own.  She has also taught us all that we need to know in order to maintain our plantings throughout the year.  What amazes me the most is how Kathy’s suggestions of early, mid, and late blooming plants, together with some evergreens have kept our beds looking beautiful all year long!  We are thrilled with the work that Kathy has done for us.

Phil and Tracii Gustafson (Redlands)

September 2012
Thank you for your most excellent expertise, resources and guidance on my landscape, pots and garden.  You are one of the area’s best kept secrets.
Best regards,  Amy Nuernberg (Grand Junction)

October 2012
Love your ideas!
Patti Shaver (Olathe)

April 2013
Kathy is very personable and provides great results at a reasonable cost. She meets the project schedules and is on time. We trust her work and reliability. The did an excellent job on our landscaping design and implementation.
Roger Stone (Redlands)

May 2013
Kathy is the real deal! She loves plants and she knows plant and she will take into account your desires and dreams and put together a landscape that will please you beyond belief educating you at the time about how to keep it looking great! She is a pleasure to work with.
Scott Troy (Redlands)

June 2013
Kathy is a born leader whose enthusiasm and talents draw people to her. Thanks to her leadership and collaboration with others, Western Colorado has a thriving association determined to making high altitude lavender a viable, internationally recognized, commercial crop. Kathy is an excellent public speaker, an artistic garden designer, and a Master Gardener with a vast knowledge of lavender.
Rosemary Litz (Grand Junction)


August 2016

I went out to get the paper this morning and what an incredible feeling I got when I opened the front door – overwhelming amazement, wonder, joy, lightness…..RELIEF. A tremendous curtain burden has been lifted, to reveal splendor behind it. If that’s how I felt this morning, I can’t wait for my evening walk-around.  It was such a wonderful experience working with you. And it all went so well….because of YOU. Yes, Robert & crew are fantastic, but your oversight and clarity and respectful manner working with them make it the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Thank you for your professional expertise, and your personal care and attention to detail – WOW !!!!

Suzi E. (Orchard Mesa)


August 2016

Wow Kathy. Thus far exceeded my expectations. Absolutely beautiful.

Rhonda F.  (Montrose)

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Deb nahm

    Hi Kathy,
    I hope this finds you well. I recently sent in my application to join the lavender association. I really am gearing up to plant a field.this spring at our place in Kiowa. I was wondering if there might be an opportunity to volunteer to help a farm in your area do some planting. I would love to get over to the eastern slope and get involved. Let me know what you think.
    All the best in the new year.
    Deb Nahm

    1. kathywp Post author

      Good Morning Deb. I would recommend calling Sage Creations Organic Farm or Sprigs and Sprouts to see about mentoring and interning on their farms. Another choice would be Dayspring Farm in Olathe. I will bring this idea up at our members meeting tomorrow morning as well. Have a great day.

  2. Deb

    Hi Kathy,
    Wow Spring is in the air down here on the way and Denver area, bet you are busy this season. I was wondering how I should approach the idea of getting up your way and helping a farm with planting. I am getting the news letters from the association and it looks like they are getting a mentoring program in place. I just thought I would touch base with you and see what you think.


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